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Womb Energy Healing

Womb Energy Healing + Flower Essence

An ancient energy session that helps women with or without a womb or cycle to grow in self-acceptance, self-love and empowerment, and to walk a path of love & femininity in the world.

The Womb Energy Balancing concentrates on balancing + activating 3 energy centers and the flow of energy between them as well as the 4 cyclic phases of a woman.

When you heal your womb, you heal your entire lineage of women; past, present & future.

3 Energy Centers;

Pituitary Center: Helps the hormonal + menstrual cycle and your spiritual awareness.

Heart Center: Helps connect us with our abundance + generosity, self love and unconditional love.

Womb Center: Works on the physical and emotional patterns you hold around your hips and belly.

4 Cyclic Phases of a Woman;

Maiden: Freedom & Lightness

Mother: Love & Fertility

Enchantress: Sexuality & Magick

Crone: Wisdom & Strength

***1 oz Flower Essence Included

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