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Personal Flower Essence Elixir


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A custom flower essence elixir can help release address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health.

  • Flower essences are complimentary vibrational medicine which are made from the energetic imprints of the life force of plants. When taken internally they interact with the mental and emotional bodies of the human being; specifically bringing awareness to the blockages.


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Take 2 sprays in the mouth when faced with emotions or 2 sprays at least 5x a day


Flower Essences have been practically demonstrated and are believed to be able to rapidly reduce and/or completely remove:

  • traumatic memories
  • unfortunate incidents
  • intrusive thoughts
  • emotional distress
  • weight imbalance

Flower Essences are simple tools to address issues at their roots, release your emotions with love and empathy; leaving you feeling lighter, calmer and more positive.

From the Chinese medicine standpoint, we are working with the meridian system, which is an energetic circuitry that maps itself throughout the entire body. When there is any degree of trauma, emotional or physical, this circuitry can become blocked. Regardless of how long or how deeply the blockage has been held in the body and the mind, Flower Essences produce dramatic results.

“Both in my own life and as a practitioner, I have witnessed healing from childhood trauma, mental confusion, breakups/divorce, doubt, worry, physical ailments, anxiety attacks, sadness and so much more” -Nicholle Sanchez

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