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Frankincense Mist


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Frankincense mist is infused with flower essences, essential oils & pure water which is uplifting & can both relax and revitalize.

We all know that clean and clear room is essential for our healthy life and at the same way the sweet smell of our house is important for our healthy mind. A natural linen & room sprays play an important role in our healthy mind. It helps to calm our nerves, alleviate our stress, takes away our fatigue.

Use our mist or fragrant spray for any room or to freshen your curtains, sheets, pillows, bedroom, between washings. Feel free to get creative and mist your office, before a date, after a party, during stressful times.

Our mists come in a 4oz Amber Bottle with Black Spray Top that you may wish to lightly shake before use.

– All packaging made in USA.

– Ingredients: flower essences, essential oils infused in pure water

– Size: 4oz : 6″ Tall x 1.55″ Wide

– Instructions: shake before using spray onto fresh bedlinen, clothing, into the air and even onto hair & skin

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