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Benediction Heart Centering




Benediction Oil encourages us to respect and respond to the seasons within our own souls: rites of passage, moments of awakening, and all stages of healing and transformation. Benediction is intended to be a heart balm which not
only helps us open to the bliss of love, but also to the blessedness and heartache of love.

Through the use of this sacred anointing oil, we can gradually come to understand the meaning of any anguish that we suffer. Pain which is rightly received by the soul sensitizes and opens us to a deeper communion with the spiritual
world, making our souls ever more receptive to spiritual impulses which can enrich our lives.

Use Benediction Oil to open and bless all the sacramental gateways of human experience: birth, coming of age and other rites of passage throughout life, marriage, illness and death. It should be considered for all sacred
holy days and festivals, whatever one’s spiritual path may be. Benediction assists the soul to be conscious and receptive to any turning-point in life, both within nature and within human experience.

“Your new formula Benediction oil is just awesome. It is the only thing on the market that calms me down after a stressful work day. I have found it effective for headaches, too. I just rub a bit on my forehead, very gently. It is a great product.”
C.L., Denton, TX


Flower essences: Holly, Motherwort, Hawthorn, Self-Heal, Angel’s Trumpet

Essential oils: Rose, Angelica and Jasmine

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