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Baby Duck Diffuser

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Instead of quacks, Lulu’s beak mists out essential oil and humidity into the air. This duck is hard-working, running for up to eight hours and covering up to 1000 square feet. A wonderful kids diffuser, her fun and cheery design perks up any space, and is loved by kids and adults alike!

Lulu Duck essential oil diffuser bring smiles and giggles to any child’s room! This cute creature comfort kids diffuser makes essential oils fun for the entire family. The best part is it has a built in humidifier. Mist comes out of the happy duck beak.

Provides benefits of essential oils to your kids
Freshens the air
Easy and fun to use!
Diffusers use water to disperse the essential oils and flower essences so the first step will always be finding and filling the water reservoir. After that, add a few drops of your essential oil, oil blends, and/or flower essences of choice. Replace the top and any other parts. Plug in, turn on and enjoy!

Kids Diffuser Specs:
Run Time: up to 8 hrs
Auto Sensor Shut Off: Yes
Coverage Up To (Sq. Ft.): 1000
Misting Modes: Continuous/Off
Power: 100-240V AC

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