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Client Love

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Wellness Consultation

Nicholle really helped me get the psoriasis and candida under control. I had been on a heap of antibiotics in 2011 and never took probiotics afterwards. She was instrumental in helping me rebalance my digestion and physical body. The ear candling was unbelievable. The stuff that was in the ear cone was incredible. There was water and ear wax. Thank God it's out and not still in my ears.

Bobby H.
May 2017

Flower Medicine Consultation

Nicholle is a gifted individual. She not only gave me inspiration to heal from the heart, but educated me in a relatable and holistic way about my health (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically). The first "dose" of flower essences that Nicholle mixed for me personally was transformative, and opened my eyes to the sensitive and powerful healing capacities of flower essences. She's got lots of information on some of the origins & history of flower essences for emotional balance. Combined with her powerful intuition and tuned-in awareness of animals and humans, she holds a lot of space for healing, emotional reconnection, and expansiveness.

Heather S.
January 2017

Emotional Release Session

Nicholle held space & welcomed the emotions to come out. Being able to trust her allowed me to say everything out loud & now I feel so much lighter, calmer & chill.

Rachael L.
August 2017

Spa Reviews

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John Preston