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Creating Your Sacred Alter

An altar can simply reflect your spiritual truth back to you and/ or it can be a working altar which holds your intention and prayers.

Step 1: Find a sacred space

This space can be from a part of your night stand to a complete shelf on the wall.

Step 2: Set up & represent the 4 elements + directions

Utilize the compass on your phone to find out which directions are in which way from the center of your alter space

North = Earth | East = Air | south = Fire | West = Water

Place an item in each of the directions that represent the element for example;

North = Earth = A fairy stone | East = Air = Alter/room spray | south = Fire = Candle | West = Water = Little bowl of pure water

Step 3: Adding Sacred Tools

This part is really up to you. Adding anything that calls to you and brings you happiness for example;

Flowers, stones + crystals for clearing, protection, and intention, bowl of salt, candles, smudging herbs, feathers, botanical perfumes, figurines + animal fetishes, as well as I love having a little trinket tray to place my treasure (jewelry).

All in all it’s up to you. You’ll know what feels right. Follow that intuition.

Step 4: Refresh with the moon

It’s a nice idea to refresh your altar with the phases of the new moon + full moon and bring in items that support your intentions for the moon phase.

Types of Altars

You can have more than 1 altar in your home. An altar space has such a high frequency even my cats can’t stay away from wanting to sit right in the middle of them…so create as many as you’d love.

  • Clearing altar: at your front door to protect your home & keep it clear and uplifted  
  • Love altar: in your bedroom/personal space.
  • Creativity + Abundance + Manifestation altar: at your desk, workspace etc.
  • Sleep + relaxation: at your bedside, mediation space or where you relax.