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Calming Energy

Nicholle has a peaceful, calming energy that makes you feel warm, welcome, and optimistic about a healthy life path.

Stephanie C.
September 2019

Healthy Lifestyle Goods

I cannot say enough good things about this store, I walked in one day on my way to coffee bean and it's such a gem! I bought some sage to burn right away and it will be my go to! Healthy lifestyle goods, amazing energy in the store and knowledge from Nicholle. Whether you are new to the products and how they work or an avid user, she is there to answer any questions about anything and point you in the right direction for what you're wanting/ or needing! Love love love!

Nicole M.
November 2019

Sweet Little Store

A cozy sweet little store with interesting and wonderful finds! Nicholle's positive energy, and non-pushy style makes a comfortable atmosphere to shop in. I really enjoyed my experience with her and in the store. I feel I will be back for more candles + adorable tattoos soon.

Moran L.
November 2019

What a find!

What a find! Tucked behind the Coffee Bean building in the Riviera Village is a new place that is more than a retail shop for your holistic needs. Herb and Dew offers alternative health empowerment through plants and flowers. Depending on how you're feeling and what emotions come out, Nichole has a remedy for you! She is very knowledgeable & will help guide you on what flowers/ plants are best for your own individual healing. So happy I walked in and I am looking forward to telling all my friends and family about Herb and Dew.

Germane G.
November 2019

Great Selection

What a great addition to the South Bay! Nicholle offers a great selection of herbs, flower essences, and other essentials. She is very knowledgable about herbal & flower remedies so if you have anything you need help with, I highly recommend stopping by!

Tania M.
January 2020

A Sanctuary

Herb + Dew Apothecary and the owner and naturopath Nicholle are amazing. Nicholle has a special gift as an intuitive healer and so much more. She helped me countless times in my healing journey. I’m a wellness practitioner and she’s one of the few knowledgeable and relatable healers who I can trust to support me in my physical, mental, energetic and emotional health. Her depth of plant-based remedies and holistic healing is not like anyone I’ve encountered. The apothecary is a sanctuary for me and others I’ve met walk in the door. It is truly one of a kind.

Christine T.
April 2020

Healing Insight Session

Nicholle really helped me get the psoriasis and candida under control. I had been on a heap of antibiotics in 2011 and never took probiotics afterwards. She was instrumental in helping me rebalance my digestion and physical body. The ear candling was unbelievable. The stuff that was in the ear cone was incredible. There was water and ear wax. Thank God it's out and not still in my ears.

Robert H.
May 2017

Flower Medicine Consultation

Nicholle is a gifted individual. She not only gave me inspiration to heal from the heart, but educated me in a relatable and holistic way about my health (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically). The first "dose" of flower essences that Nicholle mixed for me personally was transformative, and opened my eyes to the sensitive and powerful healing capacities of flower essences. She's got lots of information on some of the origins & history of flower essences for emotional balance. Combined with her powerful intuition and tuned-in awareness of animals and humans, she holds a lot of space for healing, emotional reconnection, and expansiveness.

Heather S.
January 2017